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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pre Surgery Odds And Ends!

I will get surged in 10 days on april 2nd. I wish I was 10 days POST surgery. Not excited about going thru this, especially the first three or so very painful days. Trying to get things done before the surgery that need doing before I can't kneel or climb on a chair or ladder. I put in a new furnace/air conditioning filter in case april gets hot or cold! I trimmed back all of the plants in the yard, and replaced the one dead plant with a purple butterfly bush. Hope it looks like the picture one day. The one I planted last year grew from a foot to 5 feet with beautiful white cones that drew bees, butterflies, and humming birds. It pruned back well and didn't die in those two weird cold spells. Been spinning my ass off at the gym trying to build up my quad muscles so that when I atrophy for the first few weeks after surgery, I don't dig too big of a hole. My back is about 80% better, so lets hope I get that squared completely away over these 10 days. Not much else to report. Weather has been sketchy, but looks pretty good going forward. Every runner I see while I am driving I want to swerve over and kill them. Not very rational I know......

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