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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Behind The Brown Door!

No, it's not Marilyn Chambers in an anal remake of the classic 1972 film "behind the green door". Actually, she passed away in 2009 just a few months before her 57th birthday....but I digress.....One of the jobs I wanted to get finished before the monsoons begin was to caulk and repaint the garage side door. Although the winds come primarily from the west, most of the rainstorms tend to come up from the gulf, or out of the north. There is no awning above the door. The side door was looking pretty shabby, there were open sections in the frame where the heat shrank the untreated wood used to frame it, and the caulk all the way around the door frame had cracked and separated. So, after two hours at the gym today, I came home, started laundry, and spent a couple hours caulking and putting a couple coats of paint all around the door frame and the door itself. I had enough paint from the original painting to do this, and still have enough to do it once more before I sell or die. After that, I came in and iced my aching knee, and made deb a nice meatloaf, baked potato, and fried ichibon eggplant pieces coated in breadcrumb, parmesan, and old bay seasoning. Then we ate, I cleaned up my mess, and now I am gonna shower and then call Rick. Weather is still like the surface of the sun. Every time I go to the gym and check out the weather channel on the tv, it says we are gonna have another 7 days of 101 to 104. Now that the door and frame are done, come on monsoons.......

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