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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Biomechanics First!

My boy and I are in similar places for very different reasons. Terry has focused on bicycling for over 5 years, and now that he is coming back to running, his biomechanics are not geared to run. Mine are doubly screwed up; from not running for 6 months, and also from a knee that functions a bit differently and maybe a leg that is now slightly shorter. So the solution for both of us is by default the same....we have to concentrate on proper form and biomechanics ahead of endurance and then speed. I started out in May with some run walking, and then in June, pure running, and in July trying to go farther. I noticed that my form was poor, but when I got somewhere between 5 and 6 kilometers, the form would deteriorate further and things would go to hell. I kept thinking if I got better endurance, the form would improve. Didn't work. Tried to go 10K and just hurt my back. So, my plan for the rest of the year is to concentrate solely on proper form, higher cadence, and gym strength of running muscles. I will have to run slightly faster to meet the cadence requirement, keeping my landing on my forefoot, and concentrate on an almost straight back, and a foot that lands on the ball right below my knee. As soon as my form starts to falter, I will look at my garmin and stop at the next kilometer, so no more than .62 miles. I will only increase the distance in line with being able to hold form. Otherwise, I will just tear up both knees and my back. Again, don't know what the new limits of my running will be, but it will look good! For those interested (take a look Ernie!), here is my favorite article on how your running cycle should look....

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