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Monday, October 29, 2012

And Then God Laughed And Said....So You Want To Talk About Global Warming Now?

The presidential debates had no discussion of man made climate impact for the first time since 1988. 98% of Canadians believe in Global Warming....47% of Americans. Good old lobbying bye big oil and coal, and of course all that talk about only God having any say in the weather.....And when God (aka morgan freeman) talks to sarah palin and michele bachmann and all these other prophets, does He or She ever say "hey, wait a minute, I gave you this nice paradise to protect and you are on the way to makeing it uninhabitable within 40 years or so...." Mike Tidwell in his book "The Ravaging Tide", predicted many storms like this in the coming years as we have heated the ocean to the magic hurricane temperature of 79 degrees or more. He predicted that one of these storms in the next 10 years could destroy New York City. Climate change is changing our weather, and with that will come increasing heat, more violent storms, summers of haboobs instead of monsoons (like phoenix had all summer), monster wild fires, lack of aquifer filling snow in winter, and a probable dust bowl drought in the U.S. bread basket...
So the little sheeple can put on their rain coats, ride out this storm, and just go back to business as usual....

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