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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Deb Gets A Mini Pad!

No, she's thru the change, so it is not that kind of pad, but the new apple Ipad Mini. I ordered one the first day they were available from the apple store about three weeks ago, and it came yesterday. Also bought a nice cover that turns on the ipad when you open the cover. So, I know that I am 10 days early, but I gave it too her at breakfast. Boy does the technology change fast. Does what my billybob Ipad does and more in a sleeker size and at a cheaper price. Since she will be still somewhat bed bound for the next four months, it allows her to watch her ABC shows and netflix shows and movies. I may upgrade our direct tv to allow her to watch everything on tv on her minipad. We shall see. Anyway, she has had a very rough year and I just felt she needed something special for her birthday. Even though it is ten days away.....

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