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Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 Runs In Two Weeks!

Well, I got eight runs in over that last two weeks. The 8 runs were all in newtons, or as deb calls them, "fig newtons". The two pair I have are the gravity and the sir isaac. The gravity is lighter, and has a slightly lower profile (delt drop 3mm), and the isaacs have a more rounded heal and less pronounced actuator lugs, with a more moderate profile (delt drop 4.5mm). The isaacs are easier to transition into, and require a little less concentration on form. For those wanting to transition into newtons, the sir isaac or the sir isaac "S" (stability) are the way to go. So I covered 20K the first week, and 25K the second. I want to GRADUALLY build to 40K (24.8 miles) bye year end, and then see if I can do enough speed work to run a decent 5K with that minimal amount of mileage. My calf pain/stress fracture is just a dull ache at this point, and I hope it fully disappears soon. The thing that has me trying to go all newton, is that I get absolutely no lateral or medial knee pain on the surgically repaired knee when I run in them. I get varying degrees of discomfort when I wear other shoes. I have begun selling many of my slightly used non newton shoes on ebay. So as always, I am restarting again (158?). I have often joked that my 36 year running career has been long periods of injury punctuated with short periods or running!
My friends AD and Chris ran an evening 8k vineyard run in El Paso on Saturday. AD was third in the women's 30-39 year old age group. That is Chris in the background yelling at her to go faster!
Chris was 1st masters and ran a 28:10.....about a minute forty seconds faster than I was ever able to run an 8K. Course, he has talent! If I had run it, I would have been 2nd in the 60-DEAD division, as there was only one other guy in it!! Oh well, maybe next year!

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