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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dave Mumford!

Came home from the gym today and hit the yoga mat in front of the TV and turned on pandora radio. I plugged in Phillip Phillips and listened for an hour or so while I did all those stretching and strengthening exercises to try and get this back shit to stop. It has been three weeks so far. I assume it is a minor disc bulge, so I am doing all the Mckenzie exercises, core strengthening stuff, and the old bird dog with ankle weights. Just want to get over this freakin crap before it gets warm so I can try and restart training for the 176th time.
Phillip Phillips alternatingly sounds like Mumford and Sons and Dave Mathews....thats why I call him Dave Mumford! I have the cd in my car and although there is a part of me that feels I am being played (pun intended), I still like it a great deal.
Anywhose.....the weather channel says 10 more days of crap coming, with cold temperatures and possible snow on friday and monday. Bastards....

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