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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fibroboost Is Remarkable For Blood Pressure!

I have been struggling with increasing blood pressure for about five years now. It has recently risen to an average of 138 over 92. This is considered pre hypertension, and during my last doctors visit in the fall, we discussed when he would be putting me on an ACE inhibitor. I had done a lot of research on natural ways to try to address this, and came across a product called fibroboost bye doctor's best which contains a substance called seanol, which is a concentrated edible sea brown algae. Now asians who have high blood pressure utilize this as opposed to prescription medication. For three weeks, I took two capsules every evening. My blood pressure dropped to an average of 128 over 87. After three more weeks, I dropped the dosage to just one capsule an evening. In the last two weeks, my blood pressure has averaged 117 over 78. Absolutely remarkable. This substance works by relaxing the inflammation of your blood vessel walls and removes the calcium from your arteries. It also thins the blood like a baby aspirin does. For those of you who are pre hypertensive and facing the need for prescription medication, give this a shot. You may end up utterly amazed.....

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