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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tough Start To The Year!

Well, the weather has been downright awful to start 2013. We had three days of light snow and low 30's. Last two days have been low 40's. On New Years day, deb went out to get a few things from walmart while I was cooking and running. She must have run over a large branch from many of the horned trees around here. When I got to suzi's to pick her up, I had a flat and had to change the tire to the donut in the trunk. Getting those lug nuts off re-injured my damn back. Got those bad buzzing feet again. Have been spending hours on the floor every day since then trying all the usual rehab exercises. Next weeks weather doesn't look that freakin' dandy either. Anyway, will just keep doing what my body allows and trying to stay warm and flexible. 12 months of physical misery continues.....

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