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Friday, January 10, 2014

Eating Neighbor Joe's Ribs! (Not Literally)

As I stated before, on wednesday, my neighbor Joe dropped off two large slabs of pork ribs he had purchased at Costco and had stored in his freezer. On thursday I made my third batch of pineapple bacon baked beans (I am absolutely hooked on this recipe now!). Today, I woke up at around 9, and started preparing the ribs for the smoker.
The first step is to pull the membrane off the back of the ribs, slather them with a mixture of blackberry jam and yellow mustard, and then liberally cover them with an applewood rub. I got the smoker fired up with a mixture of jack daniels whiskey barrel chips and cherry wood chips that I had soaked in water for about a half an hour. Once the smoker hit 210 degrees and started smoking well, I threw the two large slabs on two racks. I smoked them for three hours, needing to augment chips from my mix once during the process.
At around 1:30 I took two aluminum foil pans, and filled them about a quarter inch deep with apple juice, put the ribs back in, covered them with tin foil, and put them back in the smoker. I stoked the chips, and then got my run in for the day. Did an hour with 6 bye 2 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries as hard as I could freakin' do them. Came out, as expected, around 3K race pace.
After I got home, stretched, and drank my boost high protein (my usual recovery drink), I put the beans back in the oven from the fridge, and mixed my sauce....famous dave's sweet and zesty with a bit of hot sauce. Fiddled on the computer for about a half hour, and then went out and brought the tins of ribs in. I put them on plates and poured out the apple juice/rib fat. Then I gave them one of their two barbeque sauce baths and put them back in the smoker and restoked. After one more basting mid hour, I took half the beans and a container of my barbeque mix over to Joe's and told him to expect me with his slab of the ribs in a few minutes. A few minutes later I put his slab on a plate, and then brought ours in and put it on a cutting board. I pulled a rib off and it fell off the bone and Deb and I gobbled it down.
Deb and I sat down to all the beans, most of the ribs, and the sauce.....
After eating, these two bones are all that was left......
A few minutes later Joe came bye to say that these were as good as any ribs he had ever eaten at a barbeque place. So I was happy that I didn't screw them up in my 2nd smoking adventure......getting cocky now and thinking about SALMON!