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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Beginning Of Conference Play!

Joe and I head to Las Cruces this evening to see NMSU vs the best other team in the WAC, Seattle U. This should be a darn good game. We are gonna stop at Chic-Fil-A for a sandwich before we head in. Looks like rain tonight, so we will have to travel at a respectable speed.
Today I hit the gym. So far in the first 9 days of January, I have run 5 long run, two medium long runs, one strong run of 20 minutes of 30-30 intervals, and another strong run of 4 bye 5 minutes at around 8K pace with 2 1/2 minutes recoveries. All of these runs have gone well. I ended up signing up for the Sunday Jan 26th "Biggest Loser" 5K that goes along with the half marathon, and then I also signed up for the "Super Sunday" 5 miler on superbowl sunday the following week. This should be a highly competitive race, and I am gonna have to put it all out there if I am going to place in the top three. Then, my next thought is this desert 10K that goes along with a 30 and 50K in early march. All I got in mind thus far.
Made my 2nd batch of bacon pineapple beans today. Man did they turn out good a week ago, so they are done and in the fridge. Will give them a longer lower cooking tomorrow. Joe bought us a large batch of ribs at costco the other day, so I will try this 6 hour smoking recipe where you coat them in blackberry jam and yellow mustard and coat with a good sweet and spicy rub. You then smoke them for three hours. Then you put them in shallow pans filled with apple juice, and smoke another two hours. And then finally, you coat them with your barbeque sauce, and do them for a final hour. Hope they turn out tasty and falling off the bone......we shall see!

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