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Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Speedwork Of 2014!

Got in my first speedwork of the year. Ran 8K today, with 20 minutes of alternating 30 second intervals. Only the last couple were strained. My form was excellent and I concentrated on driving my foot toward my ass during the faster strides. My bride calls my absent butt muscles flaps whenever she gives my my vitamin "T" shots every two weeks. They are intramuscular shots so ergo the challenge. Weather was a chilly 52, with some wind from the east which was cold. Had to don light gloves and a skullcap along with both a longsleeve tech shirt with a light cotton shirt over that. I know all you east coasters are calling me an asshole a weak boy, but that is cold weather for my thin blood.
Tomorrow I head back to Las Cruces to let those repair shop fellows take another crack at the TDI. The longer I have it the more problems I find. If there are all these problems I can see, doesn't give me much confidence in what is underneath. If I am not satisfied after all this crap is over, I will consider a new 2015 Golf TDI this summer. It has a smaller diesel engine with 4 cylinders compared to the 5 on my current TDI, but the mileage jumps to 38/46.....about as good as a prius. Didn't want to do that, but if I can't trust the airbags, don't want my speed racing bride in an unsafe car.

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