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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Curious Case Of Thomas Quade!

In the Benjamin Button movie, Brad Pitt ages backwards over his my case, it partially happens daily. When I first wake up in the morning, I sit at the side of the bed, spin the wheel of misfortune, and try to figure out what body part hurts from the start. Those first few walking minutes to hit the bathroom and make coffee, I am clearly over 100. It takes about twenty minutes to get my feet to work, and then I drop about 15 years or so.....
I then usually hit the yoga mat on the floor, and do some core strengthening and stretching exercises. That gets me down to around 70. Then, I either hit the gym hard or run. Either way, while I am doing it, I approach 60 for the last time during the day. Then as I try and recover post exercise, I slowly start winding back up.
Tuesday I did my second hour and a half long run of the year. Yesterday I took the bride to El Paso to get her spine surgeon to look at her films and give her the all clear. He did, although he told her that if her neck area continues to get too much more arthritic, there may be some further surgery in the future. Today I did 8K with three 7 minute cruise intervals at around 10K pace with 3 minute recoveries. I find that I get very sore the day after an hour and a half run, so that is really as far as I feel safe going these days. And the two hard days, with short and long intervals, leaves me sore also, so I think that my 4 day 40K training program is pretty much all that is really safely left to me.
I will be racing the two sundays following this one. The first is not really important, so I will not taper at all for it, but will hold off the taper for the super sunday race. I really want to try and hit that one...............

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