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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Limping Into Race Week!

Last night, I dreamt I was this guy.....Shirtless and flying along a ridge line running effortless 6 minute miles without a sore part anywhere....then I unfortunately woke up.
On saturday, doing my last hard workout before the two races, I chose to do an hour plus run with 25 minutes of threshold in the middle. Somewhere along the way, my right knee, the run over one, not the surgically repaired one, began to ache on the outside and behind the knee. It was pretty sore bye the time I got home, so I iced it, and then spread some penetrex on it. Since then, I have run three times easily wearing a neoprene knee brace, and it is still a bit sore, but somewhat better. I will hit the gym on thursday and saturday, and run only one more time, on friday, before my first of two sunday races. Then I will do three more easy runs between races, hoping that I am close to 100% for the superbowl sunday race that I care much more about. My timing, as often occurs, is not the greatest. So I will keep trying to work my way thru this.......

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