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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! This is absolutely one horrible virus! I have been trying to just do, in form, a regular week of 4 runs and 3 gym workouts. I will do that, but it has been very abnormal. In researching this virus, I have found that it has two very hideous long term impacts.....1) The lung inflammation lasts for at least a month after your initial week of illness, and 2) there is a level of muscle damage that persists for up to seven weeks from that initial week. I read a blog bye an ultramarathoner that got the flu in early january and is still unable to run quite the same way since. I have gotten three 6K runs and three gym workouts in this week so far, but my lungs just won't open up, and I have had persistent horrid muscle pain after every type of workout. Coming home from a weight workout at the gym, I have to lay on the couch cause everything hurts so damn bad. So I will need to treat this more like a long term injury than an illness, and will for sure not race in early march, and potentially not race in mid april. My next race may end up being an evening race in las cruces on july 3rd. We will see.....anyway, this is a bad bad freakin flu!

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TerribleTerry said...

That dog in the picture did a good job of staying away from Rita. He still has all his legs.