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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Horrible Freakin' Week!

This week was somewhat of a repeat of last week.....and just about as miserable. Monday and Today were the worst. On Monday, on the way to the gym, I stopped at the post office to drop off a box for Terrible, and walking up the handicap ramp, I was breathless. Got to the gym, and found that I got a bit dizzy between each exercise. Ended up wheezy all day, and had too many doses of inhaler. On Tuesday and Thursday I ran 6K, and yesterday and today, I got in 7K. Each day this week was windy and warm, except for today, which was windy and cold. We had a cold rain come thru last night, which brought in a cold low 50's today with a damn cold wind. This is the monster storm that has virtually blanketed the country. I ended up dressed with a long shirt and a short sleeve over that, and a stocking hat and gloves. The picture above has proved to be accurate. Next week is back to all 70's again, but I think we have entered our 4 to 6 week spring windy season. Not crazy about that, and my lungs, even before this horrid H1N1 flu, are not big fans. Adds lots of allergy and asthma issues on top of lungs that are not functioning well right now. I still feel like I am only good for a comfortable two miles or so, before my lung issues want to try and slow me to a crawl. Hope this shit starts to go away over the next couple weeks so that I can start to train again.....
I am very worried about this crap going on in the Ukraine. My boy's fiance is there and reporting that the Russians, besides taking over the Crimea, are pretty much all thru out the eastern border. Terry said that she has applied for Russian citizenship, but I just don't know how all of this is going to effect getting her here and getting a wedding planned for this summer. Got enough crazy crap in my demented skull without adding more......

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