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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old People Runnin' Ain't For Pussies!

Well, so far this week I have gotten three 8K runs in. My lungs and knees seem o.k., but somehow I have irritated my freakin' back again. I assume that when I returned, the muscles around my knees and back were fucked up not functioning properly, and my knees and spine took more pounding then they liked. So now I have been on the yoga mat all week doing strengthening and stretching exercises to try and not let this become a long term issue again.
Since turning 60, I have only had a pain free highly functional 7 months out of a total of 27 months. This just doesn't let me develop much of a training base coupled with a descent period of quality cruise intervals, tempo runs, and shorter intervals. In my racing prime, I could build for two years or so at a time to reach peak levels of performance that were pretty magical. Just don't often get to string together twelve weeks or so of hard work without some damn interruption of some sort. So, here we go again. I will need to have a few pain free weeks that include around four 8K runs before I can attempt to start a training cycle again. We shall see.....
I have been following this space station coffee maker on amazon for around three months as the potential replacement for my failing old one. It finally went on sale from $189 to $85, so last week I ordered it. It makes up to 12 cups, but keeps the coffee inside the unit. You just put your cup on the tray and press the lever. Keeps coffee hot for an hour and then shuts off. It has what looks like a gas gauge to tell you how much coffee is inside. It comes with a gold bucket filter, a water filter, and is very easy to clean. It brews at 190 degrees, which one of the reviewers, a starbucks employee, says is the temperature they use to brew their coffee. It is fully programmable, so you can get her all set up the night before, and it starts brewing before I drag my broken chassis out into the kitchen. Had it for 4 days so far, and it is all good.....

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