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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sometimes Running Is Just Not Fun!

Really struggling with this running business. Weather has been warm, but we are in the month long windy season. Every day is steady 30mph winds, with 40mph gusts. My back is still giving me a shitload worth of trouble, and I feel generally out of shape and like I am always forcing things. Ran three slow labored 8K's again so far this week, and will probably add one more tomorrow. I have to get this back squared away before I can even attempt to train again.
Finally got around to smoking that large salmon filet that Joe picked up for me at costco. This is a really laborious and difficult task. First you have to brine it for around 10 hours, then dry it out for 6 hours, and finally smoke it for 6 hours......2 hours at 100 degrees, two hours at 150 degrees, and two hours at 175 degrees. My electric smoker doesn't produce much smoke at lower temperatures, so the smoking occurred primarily in the final two hours. The salmon came out pretty well, but not quite as maple flavored as I had hoped. It had some minor maple flavor, but more salt and peppery. Joe and Deb loved it and ate it with cream cheese on crackers. Monday I am going to try smoked meatloaf and mac and cheese!
These pretty legs belong to my bride. She is going to wear these socks/tights to the shelter fund raiser next saturday. She has red shoes and a black and white checkered skirt, with a black top. I will take her picture when she is all dressed up next saturday. Wacky girl my lovely bride.....

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