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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Appreciating The Last Of Something!

Beautiful day for a race. Woke up at 5 A.M. and headed out to Las Cruces at around 6:15. The 5K course is one I have run before.....fine gravel that meanders slightly uphill into the wind, hits the turnaround, and heads back downhill with the wind. Winds were lighter than when I ran this course in the spring, and it was a perfect 62 degree overcast day. There were 60 total runners, including about 20 Army reservists, and about 40 walkers and stroller pushers. I paced perfectly for the leg out to the water table, and was in 10th place overall. I felt strong and relaxed at the turn, and was ready to press on the wind aided downhill return. I first passed two women, and then three reservists. These guys always do 2 mile runs for their fitness tests, and it appeared that they rarely ran longer than that. At the 4K mark, I realized that if I could push that last half mile hard, I could get under 27 minutes...something I have not done this year. I pushed really hard to near gag level, passing one more guy who was having some sort of leg cramp/pull issue, and ended up 4th overall in a time of 26:48. I ran two more kilimeters as a cool down and then came back to the finish line to get a bottle of water and a yogurt protein bar. They had posted the preliminary results on a board, and I was confused at first because there was one guy in the 60-69 age group, and it wasn't me. Then I noticed that they did top three overall men and women, and I was third male. The two guys who beat me were 23 and 40 years old. Now I realize this was a nice fluke that will certainly never occur again, but since I ran a good tactical race in a good time, it was just pure gravy poured over a satisfying performance.
Stopped at Toucan for some specialty groceries and wine, and then the Barnes and Knobles college bookstore for coffee and a chicken pesto sandwich, and then headed home. I unpacked my purchases, and now I am on my back in front of the tv. Back hurts like heck and my feet are buzzing, so I will go easy this week and hope to heal, and then prepare for one more race early in December to close out the year!


TerribleTerry said...

Why do they call it diaper dash? Is that why you didn't add a picture?

Terrible Dad said... was a benefit for march of dimes, so it was for those tiny tikes......