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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Socks, Shoes, Shorts, And Shades!

First shirtless running day of 2015. Weather looks good for two more days, and then another of those damn California fronts moves thru which is supposed to give us 4 days of 50's and potential rains. I am starting to dislike those folks in California for giving this crap too us......
Monday was a gym day. On Tuesday I ran 12K, Wednesday a fast 8K. Thursday I took deb in for her third round of spinal injections and trigger point injections. For three days after, she is instructed to drink lots of caffeine to ward of horrible headaches, BUT to also get plenty of rest. Besides those headaches, she swells all over from the steroids, and gets a nice pink face. On Friday I really ran well, covering 10K at a pace only 19 seconds per kilometer slower than race pace. Today I just did an easy 8K. Tomorrow I will just run whatever my recovery allows.
Have been under a bit of stress this week as I do battle with our home owners association, trying to force a homeowner vote that they keep finding ways to deny me, to allow the homeowners to require the HOA Board to settle this 8 year old lawsuit. This suit, which could have been resolved in 2009 for $28,750, has now spiraled to a total on both sides approaching $150,000. The Board is pushing to spend another $20,000 to appeal for the 4th time, after having been rejected by the New Mexico Supreme Court. I love it when Boards want to work out their personal vendettas against homeowners utilizing homeowners funds. I have provided my best bud "Ernie The Attorney" with a letter I want to present to the HOA Board for their February meeting and have basically asked him if I stated anything in the letter that could get me sued. I am sure he will protect me from myself.
I have the chance to run two more races in February.....a 5K on Saturday Feb 14th, and a 10K on Saturday Feb 28th. If the weather is reasonable and my body continues to hold up, will probably give them a go.....

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