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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beat Up!

Another long hard week, with most of the miles on asphalt. Due to rain and hail, my trails weren't passable until saturday. Feel pretty beat up after 46 kilometers this week on 5 run days. This represents the 6th week in a row of  5 run days with the last 4 weeks including lots of intensity. Next week Deb has two doctors appointments in Las Cruces, so this will be a good week for me to run 4 times and with lower mileage to allow my body to reap the benefits of those last 6 weeks. A process with a fancy name called overcompensation. 
On Tuesday I ran 12K.....10K easy and 2K hard at the end. Wednesday was 8K easy. Thursday I did 10K with 7 bye 4 minutes with 2 minute recoveries at around 5 mile race pace. That was a beater. Saturday I did 8K with 8 bye two minutes with two minute recoveries at around 3K race pace. Another beater. Today I finished with an 8k very easy run. Feel like I am making good progress to run a few strong 5K's in January and Febuary 2016!

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