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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Death Bye Sagebrush!

This summer was bye far the wettest of the 9 summers we have spent here in the bootheal of New Mexico. As a result, we still have lots of plants with flowers awaiting a few evenings of frost to kill them off. The worst offenders of all are the sagebrush plants.....they line all my running trails, and all of the fields to the east and south of country club. They are particularly allergy intense. There is no escape, so Deb and I have been mouth breathers for a month. None of the potions, pills, or sprays have done much for it. The forecast for the next week is nice and sunny in the low 70's, with lows at night approaching the high 30' frost yet in sight. Will have to just wait it out!
Did an easier week to let my sore old body try to recover from the mileage and pounding. Lots of mileage, especially on asphalt with my trails being muddy, have irritated my knees and back. Next week looks so much better.
On Tuesday I ran 9K with a single tempo interval of 24 minutes. Thursday I did 10K with 5 bye 5 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. Saturday I ran 8K with two ten minute intervals with a two minute recovery interval. Today I ran a nice and easy 8K, pretty much all on nice soft dirt! So, 35 kilometers for the week, and feeling fairly ready to get back to hard work until Billy Bob gets here on the 12th!

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