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Friday, November 6, 2015

Adjusting Heart Rate Zones!

Got in three hard runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Wednesday's was not intentional. On Tuesday, I ran 10K with a 5K tempo interval in the middle, with each kilometer being slightly quicker than the one before. Wednesday was supposed to be a recovery day, but it rained all morning, and when I went out early in the afternoon, there were 30 mph winds with gusts into the 40's. So an easy recovery run was a bit of a beater. On Thursday I decided to try a HIT run. I warmed up with 20 minutes easy, then 20 minutes of 20 second sprints all out followed by 40 seconds to recover. It got harder as it went along and during the last three minutes, my heart rate, when downloading the information thru the ANT stick onto the computer, showed I hit 168 a number of times. I followed this up with a recovery that had me finishing a total of 8K. Surprisingly, I was not horribly sore in the evening or today at the gym.
Now I have been utilizing a max heart rate of 164 as what I believed was my exercising max, and setting my easy/recovery/long rate, tempo rate, and interval rate off of that number. Now weather my rate is actually 168, or there is just a measuring error with my optical heart rate sensor, I will now adjust my heart rate training zones accordingly......sub 126 for easy/long/recovery runs, 143-6 for peak tempo runs, and 151-156 for shorter intervals........will probably wait a few weeks or so and try another HIT workout and compare the numbers, cause that is just a damned hard workout to force yourself to do very often!


TerribleTerry said...

168 seems pretty high. that extra few beats will make your easy runs feel better probably....but then make your hard efforts murderous.

Terrible Dad said...

Yah, but I think it is at least accurate to the device. Did three 8 minute repeats with 2 minute recoveries at around 10K pace yesterday in the wind, and hit high 150's near the end of the last two. Nothing is every easy though.....