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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Starting To Increase The Volume Of Intensity!

Began this week to start to add more intensity as I have reached the weekly mileage level and held it for a month. On tuesday, I tracked radar and went out between storm fronts and  did a 9K run with a 20 minute threshold interval, a two minute recovery, and then another 10 minute threshold interval. Got home and showered and was on the phone with Chris when I thought someone was shooting at my south facing glass blocks in the living room. Scared the cats and I all to hell. What followed was about 20 minutes of dime sized hail. Glad I was not out in that!

Wednesday I did 8K easy, and then on thursday I ran 8K with AD and let her push the pace. Damn was that exhausting. On sunday I did 10K.....8K easy and 2K as a fast finish. Today I did 7K with 10 bye 1 minute fast, one minute recovery at what would be around my 3K race pace. So, a 42K week with a total of an hour and a half of it at differing levels of greater intensity. So, we will try and keep at more kinds of speed work over the next three months......

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