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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Then The Weather Changed!

After a week of mostly mid 90's, friday and saturday nights brought monstrous thunder storms. Saturday nights storm shook the house and scared the crap out of the two cats. Had to don my fisherman suit! Mugsy was shaking at the foot of the couch were he lays when he is not on my lap. The forecast for the next 7 days is thunderstorms and low 70's. Maybe those weather dudes will be right about us having a colder and wetter fall and winter. 
Ran a bit more than I wanted this week for a total of 45 kilometers. Ran 9K on tuesday with three long cruise intervals of 9 minutes each with 3 minute recoveries. Last one was  way too fast as Chris came up behind me in the middle and pushed me. Wednesday  was the hottest day of the week at 96, and I did  8K easy near sundown. Thursday I did another 8K with 6 intervals of 3 minutes hard with 2 minute recoveries.  Friday was the gym. Saturday was finally cool, so I went out mid day to do a long run of 12K. Today I finished the week with an east 7K in the nice cool post rain 67 degree weather. So I have had 4 straight weeks of 40K plus running, but still slow and only in the early phase of increasing intensity. Got a lot of hard work to do over the next 3 months......

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