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Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's Easier When You Can Breathe!

Had a pretty decent run today. My lungs went the night without the bellows wheezing, and they felt almost normal this morning. 5 days of steroids for my lungs and sinuses seems to be doing the job. Will use both for anther 10 days or so just to be sure all is cleared up. Weather was 58, sunny, and with low winds. That is the forecast for the next 9 days, with lows in the evening around 29, so that should also finally kill that damn sagebrush pollen. Did 10K today with 5 five minute cruise intervals, each a good bit faster than the one before, with two minute recoveries between them. Felt almost perfectly normal. Maybe I can start to get back on track, as I have 7 and 9 weeks before the two 5K's I have been anticipating starting the year with.
This looks like a good project I may start to work on after I get a few roof and stucco tasks finished over the next couple weeks........

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