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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week 3!


It aint the speakers that bump hard
It's the heart that makes the beat

So I have worked thru three weeks. The weight work is starting to move forward, and all post lifting soreness is gone. The recumbent rides were all thirty minutes, with higher force at the same heart rate, so that is progressing.  No worries that I will be able to maintain that schedule three days a week.
Walk Jogging is another matter. On three of the four days this week my heart acted well, and on one perfectly. Still struggling to push out more that a couple hundred yards for the jogs. As I indicated before, it usually takes me three weeks to start to see any progress on this front from previous experience, and five months without running has put me back to a beginning runner status. So this week will hopefully start to produce just a bit of improvement. As my boy Tyler Joseph sings, entertain my faith.....

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