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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kardiac Kid Week Deux!

So I had my echo and it wasn't wonderful. Ejection Fraction of 42, far below the normal of 50. Also tech noted I have a very minor Aortic valve leak, and a more moderate left ventricle leak. Have to ask my EP two questions when he calls to give me the report.....1) does the ventricle leak need addressing, and 2) WHY DIDN'T HE OR DR. SANCHEZ WHO DID MY ABLATION NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS WHEN I ASKED 4 TIMES IF THERE WAS ANY OTHER ISSUES WITH MY HEART!
So, week two of my attempted cardiac rehab was mixed. Had two days of weights followed my a 25 and 30 minute recumbent bike session with pretty good results. No Afib that I noted, and now that I have hit 30 minutes on the recumbent, try to increase force so long as I can keep my HR below 120. My jog walks were mixed. Tuesday went reasonably well. Wednesday was a crazy high HR with almost all walking and a range of 125-180. Don't have a clue why. Friday and Saturday were very good with a low HR and lots of short intervals working my HR up to 120 and recovery walks back to 105. Both days in the 90's.....Today was more moderate HR zone 0f 115-135, but I worked thru it. Just a reminder that I should be not be trying to hike jog more than two days in a row, just like in my old running days. So week two is in the books. Now this is my longest period in 41 years of not running.....5 months. In the past, I found that it took generally three weeks to start to notice any progress. So will again try and remain patient and see where that gets me!

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