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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 9.....A Semblance Of Progress....

Well, Deb and I spent the week in Laughlin enjoying the breezy 118-124 temps. Did all my exercising across the river in Bullhead City at an anytime fitness franchise. $25 bucks for the week. I went there every day from monday thru friday.
On monday, I lifted weights for a half hour, and then jumped on the treadmill. The usual first five minutes involved some Afib, and then my HR settled in from there. I was comfortable keeping my HR below 120 for ten minutes or so, expecting I would need to take a walk break at some point after that. It was odd, because I kept expecting to hit 125 but I never did. I was able to run a full forty minutes without needing a walk break. And for the next four days thereafter, I was able to repeat that exact same workout. Today, back in the heat and back at 4400 feet of altitude, I was curious if I would be able to repeat that. Nope. I did cover two fifteen minute intervals, and then about five shorter intervals to complete my hour, but the heat and altitude made it tougher. But all in all, some progress occurred.
My ultimate goal remains covering 8K/5 Miles on four runs a week with a HR not exceeding 125 and a pace that allows the runs to be completed in 55 or 56 minutes. From charts, tests, and experience, 125 is where my heart rate starts to go from an aerobic run into an anaerobic zone. Now, since I don't have race plans, only want to run for joy and health, no need to think about doing any faster running until I can accomplish my initial goal. So that is why my exercising is a process of running until I get to a 125 HR, and then walk a bit to get it back to below 110, and then go back at it until the day hopefully comes when I can complete the entire hour or less and cover that 8K. I will see my heart doc on july 6th to make sure this is a safe process, and that it remains ok to keep running when I have Afib occurring. Anyway, I do believe it will cool in a few months, I will get slowly fitter, and my goal will at some point happen.....Faith Baby!

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