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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 10: The Three For One Rule!

From my 41 years of running, I have always prescribed to the three for one rule....for every week you miss, it takes three weeks to get back into the shape you were in before you missed. So, after missing five months, it certainly feels like it is gonna take fifteen months to get it all back. Not sure that's true, but it feels that way! Getting in a bit longer intervals on the early part of my workouts, but in the end, coming up to about the same overall distance covered in the hour of activity. The fact that the heat remains boundless, struggles continue.  Certainly doesn't feel like a big breakthru is coming, more just a damn difficult grind. But, still not a lot of quit in me, so I will keep slogging on.
This fourth of July seems really sad to me.....we are in the midst of real damage to our democracy.....We have a childish narcissistic sociopath for president, a congress focused only on corporations and the rich, cyber attacks by russia that go unpunished, and an all out assault on the media, who has protected us from tyranny for two hundred years. Democracy is fragile and it would not shock me if we take it for granted and give it away in the next twenty years.....

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