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Sunday, July 16, 2017

12 Week/3 Months.....From Nibbles To Bites!

So week twelve turned my nibbles into bigger bites, and those bigger bites felt much more comfortable and less taxing than their smaller brethren. On my four run days, I got my first interval up to 32, 40, 43, and in tonight's cool evening air, 48 minutes. The pace is spectacularly slow, as I am trying to keep close to the mafetone method of base building, and keeping my HR at all times below 123-125. So now we will see how long it takes to get to a full hour keeping my pace this slow. I am operating at a pace about fifteen seconds a kilometer slower than when all this Afib misery began. Once I hit that hour, the pace of these runs should improve while still staying in this heart range. Once no improvement occurs or regression happens to the pace in this heart range, then you can add some shorter cruise intervals. But that is probably many months off yet.....
I love to go on those people of walmart sites, and the best and oddest ones always seem to come from florida. There has to be some absolute shallow end of the gene pool folks living there, but this picture surely takes the cake. Now I tried to think of a witty caption for this, but is just so freakin odd, that it is hard. How about "hey buddy you eyeing my gal?"....."she promised she'd never leave me!"...."she is an absolute firm body"!  I give, you try!

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